1 Green Pepper sliced into strips

1 Yellow Pepper sliced into strips

1 Red Pepper sliced into strips

½ onion, sliced into strips

2 lbs. Heritage Health Food Chick’n Tenders – sliced into strips

2 Tablespoons – Taco Seasoning

4 Cloves Garlic

Juice of 1 lime

1 can diced tomatoes (or 2 large fresh tomatoes diced)


Slice all peppers and onions, and Chicken Tenders into thin strips, mince garlic

In a skillet, sauté peppers, onion, garlic and Chicken Tenders. When onions are translucent and food begins to brown, add diced tomatoes, taco seasoning and lime juice. Simmer for 10 minutes.

Fill a tortilla (corn or flour) with above mixture and top with:

Cheese (or cheese substitute)
Sour Cream (or Sour Cream substitute)

Serves approximately:
4-6 people