Is your get up and go nearing empty? Are you finding it hard to find that second wind? If your day is dragging by and you just can’t stomach another minute, then read on!

Lack of energy can ruin a perfectly beautiful day and put a halt to any meaningful productivity, but there is hope!

Here are 5 quick ways to re-energize, put the pep back in your step and your fuel gauge back on full!

1. Drink a tall glass of ice cold water – an interesting side effect of dehydration is sleepiness and fatigue. Remember that coffee and soft drinks don’t hydrate, they actually do the opposite! In fact, fatigue is actually one of the first symptoms of dehydration! So try a big glass of water first and see how quickly you start to pep up!

2. Ration your Caffeine – Science Daily reports that a study done by Harvard Medical School and published in the journal Sleep, demonstrated that small frequent doses of caffeine offer a more effective strategy for staying awake. You don’t get the instant spike but you also don’t have the dreaded crash.

3. Eat a protein snack – Carbohydrates make tryptophan, an amino acid that causes sleepiness, more available to the brain. Which is why a heavy carb meal makes you sleepy. Choosing a protein snack stimulates orexin cells in the brain that regulate energy and wakefulness. Experts say that protein stimulates the mind more than sugar!

4. Take a brisk walk – Twice a day, once half way through your morning and once halfway through your afternoon, head outside or at least down the hall! Spend 5-10 minutes walking 25% faster than usual. Clear the mind and flood your brain with endorphins by thinking about something not work related that makes you happy! If you can be outside, sunlight can improve your energy as well! If you have no place to walk, walk in place or spend 10 minutes stretching!

5. Take a power nap – Studies done by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that power naps of just one hour can reverse the effects of information overload, help you retain new information and improve motor skills.Even 20 minutes can improve your alertness and mood. Not able to fall asleep? Try meditating for 20 minutes! The effects can be very similar!

TIP: Eating low glycemic meals and food can help you avoid the carb crash often associated with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Foods high in protein and fiber counteract the carbohydrates and fats. This keeps your insulin from spiking and reduces the amount of sleep inducing tryptophan that carbohydrates create.

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