Uniting the heritage, shaping the future!

Heritage Health Food is proud to continue providing quality, great tasting healthy products into the 21st Century. And, to be a leader in the development of simple, clean and healthy whole foods into the future.

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Heritage Wells

A portion of your purchase is donated to Frontline Builders, a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of African people. 100% of all monies donated goes directly to providing fresh water wells to the people of Africa as well as medical, educational and agricultural support.

New! All Natural Corn Dogs

A clean version of our classic favorite. All the great taste with none of the unhealthy additives.  100% Meatless, Non GMO Soy, Dairy Free and Delicious! The feedback is overwhelming! This dog has all the great taste of the real deal and none of the unhealthy ingredients. Kids and Adults a like can’t get enough!

Where to Buy

All Heritage Health Food products are nationally distributed! What does this mean? It means, if you want to buy Heritage products, look no further than your favorite Super Market or Health Food Store! If it’s not on the shelves yet, ask your store manager to place an order. We are in their systems!

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Our Story

Heritage Health Food is proud to provide quality, great tasting healthy products in the 21st century!

Our Mission

To re-energize the heritage that was so strong and continue that heritage to a new generation and a waiting world!

Our Vision

From the beginning it has been our goal to continue the heritage of health and to unite the leaders in the health movement.

Our Team

The Heritage Team is in a single word, Family. Some of us are related, some not, but we are all as close as family.

Why Be Vegetarian?

Becoming vegetarian isn’t a mistake, it’s just a missed steak. Although not eating meat is often perceived to be some sort of grand suffering, the vegetarian lifestyle should really be something of envy.

  • Healthy 100%
  • Delicious 100%
  • Animal Friendly 100%
  • Because I Need To 100%
  • Risk 0%

Heritage Health Food started it’s brand on the legacy products of Corn Dogs and Sliced Deli Meats. We will continue to provide these products and work towards developing Natural variations on these popular vegetarian items.

One of the largest market segments, our Natural line creates the bridge between meat eaters and healthy vegan fare. In the vegetarian world, natural foods offers the opportunity to eat healthier and still have the satisfaction and flavors of real meat.

We have sourced the cleanest & healthiest ingredients on the planet and brought them into the home. Simple, whole foods that are plant based and all natural. Not only are the ingredients simple, the preparation is too. Just add water!

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